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Whitehaus has built a reputation in the kitchen industry as being a style innovator. They have been providing homeowners with high-quality kitchen sinks and accessories of intriguing designs for more than 10 years. If you are looking to create a decor that stands out from the rest, Whitehaus collections are guaranteed to house all the inspiration you need.


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Whitehaus Kitchen Sinks

Whitehaus is placing fireclay sinks back on the map, and into the kitchens of many modern day homes. Fireclay kitchen sinks were widely used during the Victorian Era for their durable strength and decorative style. They are molded from clay that has been exposed to extreme temperatures to form hard, smooth, non-porous surfaces. Whitehaus expands upon this old-fashioned tradition and offers updated versions in their contemporary kitchen sinks collection. The collection offers a variety of colors and configurations including an innovative reversible Farmhouse/Apron Front design. This design provides homeowners with the option of positioning the sink’s drain opening either to the right or the left depending on which side they decide to be the "apron front." Homeowners also have the option of ordering their Farmhouse/Apron Front sink in white, biscuit, black, or sapphire blue. Adding a colored fireclay Whitehaus sink to your kitchen will make for a distinct and creative decor that no other home can even come close to imitating.

The Whitehaus Kitchen Sinks Collection also features stainless steel models that showcase advance breakthrough technology. Stainless steel kitchen sinks are ultra sleek and modern, offering a contrasting look to that of Fireclay sinks. They boast hard-wearing surfaces that function at an industrial level resisting rust, stains, and dents. Stainless steel sinks are also renowned for their premium satin shine that is guaranteed to illuminate the features of any modern day kitchen. Whitehaus offers a variety of sizes and configurations that range from single bowl prep sinks to Apron Front/Farmhouse utility sinks to meet the demands of every kitchen.

Whitehaus Kitchen Accessories

The Whitehaus kitchen accessories collection is guaranteed to make your work around the house much easier. This collection features a variety of stainless steel sink grids and basket strainers with lift stoppers and plunger mechanisms. These kitchen accessories are durable and high-performing, and are expertly designed to make your daily tasks more organized and less hectic. Whitehaus stainless steel grids protect the bottom of your sink from scratches and dents that may occur from falling utensils and dishware. The grids also serve as an elevated surface homeowners can use to thaw frozen meat and vegetables or dry washed produce. Basket strainers work hand in hand with sink grids, and remove the dirty water and waste that collects during food preparation. Whitehaus kitchen accessories are a practical investment because they prevent debris from damaging your sink's surface and plumbing system.

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